Two days of experiential learning and laughing await! Personally your life will shift to a happy perspective as a result of participation in this course. It is designed for personal development and also for those who wish to share this with others. 

In the design of this course, typically four sessions of laughter occur accompanied by four laughing meditations, different grounding techniques, and guided relaxations are facilitated by an experienced and certified teacher of Laughter Yoga.  Interspersed throughout the laughter activities and exercises are the origins of the 20 year old Laughter Yoga organization, purpose, practices and peace mission.  As the course is largerly experiential, hands on application will occupy the majority of the time, lecture and dialogue completes the rest for a group learning of facilitation for personal practice as well as techniques for sharing with different groups.  


The class completes with graduation ceremony, certification diploma and includes a course manual.    Your Welcome Information for the Course will download upon this registration completion. A separate email of welcome with relevant and specific information for your class will arrive happily in your inbox within 24 hours. 

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training