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Interactive Presentations for Engaging Optimism


Put More Fun in your Function

For your next group, organization, community or event gathering, meeting or engagement add one of our healthy and happily optimistic offerings.



Ice Breaker Programs

15 • 30 Minute Interactive

Break Out Sessions
30 • 45 • 60 • 90 Minute Interactive

Small Group Meetings
30 • 60 • 90 Minute Interactive

Group or Organization Presentation

30 • 60 • 90 Minute Interactive

Senior Community

30 • 60 Minute Interactive

Workshops & Classes

Laughter Introductory Classes
One Hour Interactive Session    
4 • 8 Weekly Classes

Introductory Laughter Workshops    
Half Day and Full Day Sessions


Weekend Workshops


Certified Laughter Training


Introduce your group or organization to laughter through a presentation and then continue for growth and development in workshops or classes




30, 60 or 90 Minute Presentations

60 minutes provides a full rounded and grounded experience for any group. The 30-minute presentations are designed to create just enough of a quick impact to realize the variety of benefits with more focus on exercise and activity with brief grounding. Choose 30-minute presentations for a short taste of the experience and to instill quick engagement for the audience that is ready to participate. Choose 60 minutes for those who want the start to finish complete ease and uplifting experience. Choose 90 minutes for those who are unsure and need a little more time to get into the program. This is different, unique and wonderfully beneficial. Pick a time slot that compliments your group for the best possible experience.

  • Most Popular option: 60 Minute Program


Activities include:

Movements to ease the body into activity through an appreciable warm-up is followed by exercised activities and completes with a relaxing cooldown grounding experience. Seated, floor or standing exercises engage groups to interact with each other in playful light-hearted ways that allow the wisdom of the body to educate the brain.



Ice Breakers

Selected for conferences, meet and greet, quick audience introduction, rapid relationship boosters or any group that needs to dive in and get moving quickly. They are short and brief 10-15 minutes to 30-minute programs that offer a few quick engaging experiences to leave memorable mirthful methods of getting connected in a meaningful way.


Conference Break Out Activities

Great for the conference setting to reinvigorate the body and mind. Conference sitting and listening can be draining to the body and these uplifting experiences at break-out provide for a great way to wake up, break up or close out the day in invigorating and engaging ways. 30, 45 and 60 minutes Break Out Sessions can be used in the morning to quickly socially connect individuals to engage, or be great after lunch for a mind and body energy booster as well as leave a great impression at the end of the day or conference completion.


Half Day Optimism boosting Laughter Yoga Experiences

This is the perfect engagement of education, exercise and excitement as a half day experience allows for the information to settle in and then be completely reinforced with the proof of experiential engagement for a second level of education and understanding and then be followed with guided grounding and discussions so that what is activated in the body is given a deeper more complete appreciation for how unique and different this amusing and light-hearted fun can translate important and integral messages for body, mind, and soul.


Ongoing 4, 8 or 16 Week Laughter Presentations and Programs

These engaging programs can offer a way to continually educate what is first learned in a unique session and translate the understanding in beneficial and life-affirming ways that everyone can benefit by with consistency. One experience can be entertaining, though continual practice can provide deeper introspection and development that evolves understanding and raises the set point of response overreaction.

Choose 4 weeks for an introductory understanding

Choose 8 weeks for personal development appreciation

Choose 16 weeks for more proficiency and appreciable change

*Certification programs available for 16-week programs


Small Group Presentation



Optimism Boost Laughter Yoga Interactive Presentations


Engage any audience with the thrill of feeling great and believing it. In this interactive session, individuals engage in warm-up exercises, laughter activities, and exercises, laughing meditations and guided grounding relaxation to complete the experience. Instead of talking about ways to relieve stress we engage the opposite experientially feeling it and reminding ourselves that we are better than we may have thought.  Laughter is a social lubricant so the power struggle ends when a group chooses to laugh together and often they forget any confusion or confrontations and engage in more optimal diplomacy at the end. We lose the sad and the mad and invite all the glad.


What to Expect

  •        Everyone can participate at their own pace

  •        It is an engaged experiential activity, you will feel the experience

  •        Move at your own pace, it is exercise and uniquely different, honor your body

  •        Make yourself comfortable, remove any constricting clothing

  •        This is engaged learning for the body and brain

  •        You will feel exercised, energized, excited and elevated!


Benefits for the Group

  •        Stress Release and Joy increase

  •        Healthier optimization of breath and immune system

  •        Happier attitude and disposition

  •        Adversity Rises, so problems become smaller or less impactful

  •        More focused and functional, with fun being the option

  •        More connected to others, laughter is a social lubricant

  •        See each other in a happier and healthier new way

Frank Avila
Chicago Metropolitan Water Distric

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Frank Avila
Chicago Metropolitan Water Reclamation District


For More Laughs...

Ellen Klein, BSN, RN, BSW

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher

Email Ellen •  Phone: (847) 571-7553


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