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"Laughter is an Instant Vacation."  Milton Berle 


What is Laughter?

Laughter is the medicine of the future and a great tool of optimism. It helps us to improve our health and overall well being with simple mechanics that everyone can do. We forget to laugh and practice stress instead.  When we remember again we realize how simple it is to engage in playful light-hearted exercises that are designed to improve both health and happy factors.  We end up oxygenating more efficiently and as a result, feel more engaged in doing things and do them better too.



Laughter is the joyous expression that comes from a place of humor prompting the laugh or from a natural ability to be optimistic and laugh for no reason other than it feels good to do so. It is natural to the body and can be used to improve breath function while uplifting attitude. When those two elements are increased, the world looks brighter, hopeful and more relatable.


Why exercise Laughter?

We don’t laugh enough and when we do, we’ve learned to laugh at something instead of laughing with others. One is a divider and the other an uniter.  When we laugh, it isn’t a naturally deep and low belly laugh that is quite productive for body and brain, it’s rather shallow and the more sedentary or stressed we become, the less we laugh in a joyful way. About 10-15 minutes of mirthful laughter can elevate our status and the more we practice this, the less we practice stress.


Why educate ourselves about Laughter? 

We laugh too infrequently, 15 minutes of robust practice and exercise can give us cardio benefits while it makes us feel happier too. When we experience an exercised session of laughter we enjoy the experience, though the practice is what helps it to be fun and functional in our body. 


We laugh in our upper chest and don't circulate the oxygen well. Moving our diaphragm is a sure way to exercise laughter so that it benefits the clarity oxygen brings to the mind and the stress release it gives to the body. 


We practice stress more than we do laughter, so this helps us to rebalance the equation and discover the healthy and happy benefits of laughter. 


What are the benefits of laughter?

Laughter benefits the body, mind, and soul as it is vibrational to our body and shakes us up in wonderful ways. It clears the mind of anything that might have been mad, sad or overly serious or complicated and it reminds our soul that we are meant to be healthy and happy.  When we make laughter our practice over stress, we feel better and do more.


How is laughter connected with optimism?

Laughter is a natural tool for optimism as we don’t have to go anywhere to discover it.  It’s a natural uplift and shifter and whatever mood we were in before, it will improve. With good feeling laughter in exercised form or natural, your body doesn’t recognize much of a difference as it still vibrates and expresses in the same way.  Where optimism is the outlook, laughter is a natural and simple way to get there.



Ready for More Optimism?


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