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The Optimists
Laughter Club


Weekly on Wednesdays


Glenbrook Hospital 

2180 Pfingsten Rd. Glenview, IL 60026
Park and enter by 
 The John and Carol Walter Ambulatory Care Center

Lower Level meeting room E

Join this Happy & Healthy Experience!

Open to everyone

All can participate with ease

Socially Connected Fun

Energizing and Stress Releasing

FREE – Donations accepted


Facilitated by:

Ellen Klein, BSN, RN, BSW

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher

Email Ellen •  Phone: (847) 571-7553

What is a Laughter Club?

It’s a safe space to gather and exercise the benefits of laughter is its most basic definition. It’s an opportunity to experience a community where participants share an activity that improves health and wellness on a physical, emotional, social and spiritual basis.

What IS


World Peace

One Laugh at a time...
It's fun
It's exercise

It's attitude changing

It's aptitude raising

It's socially connecting

It's interactive 

It's oxygenating

It's restorative

It's health building
It's a little optimism for life
and so much more





A few of the Optimists Laughter Club Members sharing the experience


What happens in a Laughter Club?

We meet at Glenbrook Hospital in a spacious private room with parking nearby.  We also meet on special occasions outdoors in the local parks as the weather is conducive during the summer and autumn months.


A Typical session begins by warming up bodies for the fun exercise and activities that don’t even seem the aerobic exercise they actually are.  We engage exercises that play with our imagination and creativity and when we do laughter is naturally stimulated and natural joyful laughter follows.  


In between the exercises of laughter deep breaths impact the increase of oxygen in the body and brain.  We complete each session with a grounding laughter meditation, a moment of silence, guided meditation and time for questions and answers.


Engaging with others and sharing the exercise of laughter


Who Benefits from a Laughter Club?

Business People
Laughter interrupts the over-seriousness of the day to refresh, energize and promote collegial relationships of sharing and caring. Happier employees are healthier employees with improved productivity and fewer sick days. Stress relief/management benefits are realized.



People who laugh joyfully are perceived as more attractive, grounded, approachable and confident. Hiring or working with this kind of employee can create a better work environment overall as their demeanor becomes more welcoming and inviting.



Laughter encourages self-care that is often overlooked when we are busy, It becomes a mini vacation where we can come back to family and adult concerns with a refreshed outlook, happy chemistry and oxygenation to balance body and brain.



We may think that this is natural for kids to laugh and play, however, in today’s busy, over-scheduled and confusing world, a reminder to laugh and play can offer necessary stress relief, inspire imagination, encourage creativity and elevate natural abilities.



Laughter increases oxygenation, improves range of motion and social engagement, decreases isolation, improves thinking and behavior and gives hope as neural pathways are fired up reminding of less stressful times or what is possible. An overall improvement in feeling better occurs, while a decrease in pain is noted.



Laughter Club Participants report:

“I feel relaxed and peaceful.”

“I felt good and want to share this with others. Will you present to my women’s group?”

“We say “Very good, Very good, Yay” at home now and it lifts our spirits.” 

“I look forward to laughing every week at laughter group. It is the highlight of my week!”

“Ellen, you do a great job! You are always prepared with fun laughter exercises.  After laughter group, I sleep better and the benefits of laughing last a few days and help with difficult work situations.”


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For More Laughs...

Ellen Klein, BSN, RN, BSW

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher

Email Ellen •  Phone: (847) 571-7553


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