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Laughter is the medicine of the future and a great tool of optimism. It helps us to improve our health and overall well being with simple mechanics that everyone can do. We forget to laugh and practice stress instead and when we remember again with an introduction to how simple it is to engage in playful lighthearted exercises that are designed to improve both health and happy factors, we end up oxygenating more efficiently and as a result, feel more engaged in doing things and do them better too. 


Optimistically You offers a variety of ways to bring more laughter into your life and for those around you. Laughter has a way of making a happy shift every day.  


• Enjoy a Presentation at your Organization
• Discover more in a Laughter Workshop
   or Certification Training
• Develop yourself weekly at the Laughter Club 

Discover more about Laughter and its benefits

How do you want to laugh today?


Presentations of Laughter

Ice Breaker
15 • 30 Minute
Interactive Presentations


Engaged Presentations 
30 • 60 • 90 Minute
Exciting Experiential Presentations



Workshops and Training
One-On-One Laughter Education
30 • 60 Minute Sessions
4, 8 and 12 Week Options


Classes and Workshops
For Organizational Optimism

4, 8 and 12 Week Classes or
1/2 day and Full Day Workshops


Certified Laughter Training
Weekend Workshops


Optimists Laughter Club
The Optimists Laughter Club
One Hour Sessions
Meets Weekly
Open to Everyone
Totally Fee Free


Creating World Peace one laugh at a time

What others have to say...


To Laugh with Ellen

“Life changed dramatically in two days, joy has found a way into this soul and that is a most welcome appreciation. This class rocks, this instructor rocks, and the world will never be the same again.”

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What Fun


For More Laughs...

Ellen Klein, BSN, RN, BSW

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher

Email Ellen •  Phone: (847) 571-7553


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