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The Basic
Laughter Workshop


2021 Workshop Dates

October 7 & 8

Location: Northbrook, IL
Online link sent to registered participants.


Hours 1pm - 5pm CT
Course Fee: $99

Contact Ellen for More Information

What is the Basic Workshop about?

This is a full day joyful workshop where participants gain experiential understanding about the origins, evolution and purpose of Laughter Yoga, how it works and how it benefits in a variety of ways.


This course is not for certification as it allows the participant to enjoy the Laughter Yoga session including laughter meditation and discover how to elevate an understanding of what laughter provides with practice.  The class engages participants to connect in a supportive environment and offers practical ideas about the ways to bring more laughter into everyday life.


As the workshop closes,  you will receive a certificate of completion and a link to a manual that reinforces what is learned for reference and perspective.


What are the Benefits?

A day full of laughter in exercise, education, and application is a full day. 


Creates a Healthier Individual

Bodily functions move from the constrictions of stress to ease and natural flow. Good natural hormones raise while the disabling ones decrease. The body receives more oxygen and the circulation increases blood flow to more of the body's natural rhythm. Immune system increases and health returns.


Creates a Happier Individual

As the natural hormones rise and oxygen flows fluidly during laughter, the attitude begins to remember its natural state. Smiles, playful fun and laughter increase the goodwill in humans. Attitude reflects a natural happy.


Inspires Hopeful responses to adversity

When one improves the quality of health and happiness, responses are more tolerant, patient and permissive of self and others. Problems don't appear to be as significant and alternatives to solutions are easier to reach. 


Invites Heartfelt ways to relate

Feeling good with laughter's effect, social relationships improve as the cobwebs of confusion magically disappear leaving a healthy dose of acceptance in its wake. Relating to others is easier and relating to everything is more applicable. 


Improves the Harmony of body and brain

When we laugh, we synchronize the new flow of oxygen and blood supply in the body and the brain. Everything is replenished with a surge of oxygen in the system returning breath function to its natural order so that all function becomes capable, making capable individuals by adding laughter.  



Group Picture

Who Takes this Training?

Athletic Instructors




Activity Directors





Health Care Workers

Community Members



College Students

Upon Course Completion

A Certificate of Completion is issued
A Link to a support manual is provided




"Ellen is very good in bringing us in a state of relaxation and I enjoy her class very much. It puts me in a happy state."

J. Gullo
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

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Your Facilitator

Ellen Klein
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

About Your Facilitator

Ellen Klein is a Registered Nurse who professionally trained in Laughter Yoga.  Seeing its greater value and depth personally, it changed her perspective and outlook on life and inspired her to inject this more natural medicine of laughter to serve humanity’s higher purpose.  For those in pain, it doesn’t have to stay that way, laughter is a practice of perspective that shows us a better way.


For More Laughs...

Ellen Klein, BSN, RN, BSW

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher

Email Ellen •  Phone: (847) 571-7553


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