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Optimistically You helps us move from the Oy in life to the Joy with an optimistic outlook.

Through sustainable activities and exercises, we can learn to move to a more natural practice of integrating a more purposeful and hopeful outlook in everything we relate to.

Using the modalities of laughter and breath work, we engage the human condition and discover the fun-loving nature we all possess, exercising it in specific ways to bring out the best of who we are in the simplest of ways.

Optimistically You provides a larger world service as when we independently feel better we provide more of what is possible and we create a better environment everywhere we go.  It’s a direction the world is looking for and we are on target with providing practical experiential education that is important, feels good and uses a natural and honest part of ourselves.


"Be the Change you wish to see in the world and the world will change magically before your eyes."

    Humble regards to Gandhi

Offering L.A.U.G.H. as a program reminds and educates our powerful ability to Laugh And Uplift Great Hope.  We provide presentations, workshops and training to suit the needs of any individual, group or organization ready to challenge the status quo and live a life that is optimistically you! 

Ellen Klein
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher

Offering presentations and experiences that are all about having fun being human, Ellen Klein’s take on Optimistically You reminds us that now is the time to increase our ability to find enjoyment, pleasure, and meaning that will keep us growing even when adversity visits.  Optimism is an attitude and a belief that something good can come out of everything.  Ellen helps us up to learn to look for it and when we do, we appreciate how to be resilient and make more out of what we have available.

Ellen uses her professional skills as a nurse to humanize self-care, her training experiences with Feldenkrais for body awareness compliments the mind/body connection and her years of practical applications as a Laughter Professional and adds essential breath work, levity and grounding to service individuals who are ready for a new life chapter and are ready to expand, connect and engage with the lighthearted fun-loving side of life.  Ellen’s personal journey with resilience blends understanding with compassion and an opportunity to live differently into a life that turns around what doesn’t work into what does. She invites us to live a life that is… Optimistically You!

Ellen Klein, BSN, RN, BSW
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher

Email Ellen at •  Phone: (847) 571-7553

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